Spider Man 2


Have you already played Spider-Man 2? Time to fix it! What is waiting for us in the new part? In terms of its mechanics and concept, this is still the same Spider-Man we saw in 2012. It’s an open world action game about a flying superhero. You can complete story missions or flutter around Manhattan in any direction, clinging to roofs and walls with cobwebs to collect comic pages scattered everywhere and complete side missions. The assortment of the latter has slightly changed and expanded, but the essence remains the same.

Spider-Man fights street crime, rescues civilians, catches car thieves and pulls hostages out of vehicles on the move. There are also flights on time and collecting audio recordings. And, of course, Peter Parker’s skills as a freelance photographer of a local newspaper have not gone anywhere: from time to time you are asked to shoot something for additional experience points.

Yes, for all successful actions, Spider-Man still gets expo and gradually becomes stronger, faster and more agile. You will be learning new skills that allow, for example, to snatch weapons from the hands of enemies or to make a web stronger so that opponents bound by it cannot free themselves. A separate branch is dedicated to the special vision mode, in which you can see enemies and important objects through walls.

The gameplay is clearly divided between action and stealth. Our superhero deftly fights with ten enemies at a time, dodges, counterattacks, performs spectacular finishing moves when the combo bar reaches the required level. And aptly shoots his web. When the time comes to act covertly, Spider-Man can not only sneak up and quietly strike from behind, but also hang upside down from some ledge and turn a gaping bandit into a neat cocoon without unnecessary noise. Play Spider-Man 2 online and find out more on your own!

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