Spider Man 2018


Spiderman is one of the most adored heroes of many generations. It was the idol of children and teens in the 70s, 80s, and even 2000s. A simple loser kid who lives next door has suddenly acquired super powers and is now learning to live with them. There is not a drop of pompousness in him – even after becoming a superhero, he has remained the same friendly neighbor. And in this image, many see themselves. So the main thing Spider-Man 2018 has to do is make you feel like Spidey. And by all means, it does the job!

The game is not about clearing the map of “question marks”. This is not a simulator of searching for backpacks and grinding bandits roughing up passers-by on the streets. This is just a background. This version of Spider-Man is simply a game about how you jump from the Empire State Building, rush to the ground at full speed and at the last moment cling to a skyscraper with a cobweb. Moving at an insane speed you rush past the people in the streets and signal cars and again soar into the air… Double moon salt, dashing, rolling on the roof, jumping, running along the wall, swinging over the bustling traffic… the night New York is in the palm of your hand! The feeling of speed and control of the hero is amazing, the physics is so realistic that it can make your stomach cramp, but simple enough so that you can do crazy stunts, bend around buildings at the last moment and generally be cool. Plus you’ll be thrilled with incredible animation and plasticity of the character.

A breathing, living city is also an important element. Yes, New York here is just decoration, but how detailed and beautiful! Here every gateway and every roof is worked out. And when you suddenly fall from heaven to earth, you feel there has been a separate world under your feet all this time, whose inhabitants, with their mouths open, watch your tricks. This city won’t be the same, it will change and become an increasingly dangerous environment, absorbing the consequences of plot twists. Thanks to this, it will remain a bit unfamiliar and you won’t get bored. Start discovering this vibrant world right now and become the hero of your childhood playing Spider Man 2018!

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