Spider Man 2021


Nowadays superheroes rarely fulfill their main duty – saving people. Sure, if the Avengers don’t defeat Ultron, he will most likely destroy half the planet. But what about the dangers that threaten us every day? Who will save a lady in the alley from bandits, prevent a robbery of the store and stop a stolen car? While Superman flies through the rings, and Batman fights psychos, some of whom were born because of him, Spider-Man is just doing his job – rescuing ordinary people.


This game perfectly shows the life of a superhero: Peter Parker is invited to a dinner party, he is hurrying there, but is constantly distracted – somewhere in the streets of New York, robberies, hijackings and kidnappings keep happening. And someone has to take care of that, even if that means disrupting one’s own plans. It’s a good occasion to recollect uncle Ben’s last words to Peter: great power comes with great responsibility. Spider-Man 2021 is about learning to use that power for good. But it’s also about learning to balance your life between your respngoibites as a superhero and your private interests.

A lot of attention is paid to the life of Spider-Man in Peter Parker’s shoes – he goes to work, helps Aunt May with an orphanage, builds relationships with Mary Jane, and at the same time fights crime. Every minute he is forced to choose between saving people and his personal affairs, and this is directly reflected in the gameplay. Crimes are constantly happening somewhere: cars are stolen, bandits shoot at someone, punks take money from law-abiding citizens. But at the same time, Mary Jane is calling Peter Parker for dinner, or Aunt May, who works at a homeless shelter, asks for help.

Of course, no one forces you to sort out all the troubles in the city – after all, it’s the duty of the police. But can you just go about your business while somewhere below a stranger needs your help? Spider-Man 2021 constantly appeals to your conscience, and it is sometimes very difficult to ignore it. The studio behind the game perfectly captured this inner conflict of the main character. But over time, the story ties into a tricky knot, and everything only becomes more complicated. Are you eager to find out what happens to Peter Parker in this chapter of Spider-Man adventures? Then start playing right now and do everything you can to make sure he defeats all of his enemies and copes with all the challenges all while retaining at least some semblance of a happy life!

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