Spider Man Mobile


The unfortunate metropolis that has been a stage to so many epic confrontations is literally suffocating from crime at the mercy of villains from popular Marvel comics. Real military actions are already taking place in the city, and only a super hero can save civilians from murderers, thieves and robbers. Can you guess who is going to set out on this noble mission? Of course, our friendly neighbor Spider-Man!

The game will not be easy to pass. Something mysterious and thirsty for blood will follow your every step. A lizard-like mutant is ready to grind you to powder and you should be careful not to fall into his clutches. Fans of movies probably recognized the character in question – it’s Curt Connors, one of the leading researchers from Oscorp whose genetic experiments went awry and instead of curing himself, he mutated into a terrible monster that now threatens the entire city. And since Peter Parker was partly involved in that, he feels obliged to fix his own mistakes.

You will have access to absolutely all the possibilities of the legendary Spider-Man – you can dashingly climb the walls, jump from one lamp post to another and rush between the skyscrapers using a web. The new game will amaze you with numerous acrobatic sketches, combinations of punches, from the most basic ones to spectacular combos with the use of superpowers. Experiencing all the beauty of this action is no less exciting than pushing the buttons!

As the plot develops, you will visit many quarters and districts of the city (residential areas, quay, Central Park, business center and so on). The authors of the game tried to make the streets as close as possible to real life. There are 25 levels available in the game, in each of them you will find various multi-stage tasks. The quality, graphics and animation of the project are definitely worthy of praise. You will be swept by the events unfolding on your screen almost every minute of the gameplay. And most importantly, the controls are optimized for mobile devices! So if you have some spare time and want to plunge into a riveting superhero adventure right from your smartphone or tablet, it’s time to play Spider Man mobile!

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