Spiderman GTA


If you can’t destroy a man, you can destroy his reputation instead. This tactical maneuver has been used repeatedly throughout history and is still successfully applied nowadays. Although Spider-Man thought his reputation was unshakeable, a mere accident proved how easy it is to break into splinters. Unknown enemies have stolen his costume and are now using them to pull their evil plans through. Under the cover of our hero’s honest name, they can gain access almost everywhere and do their horrible things ruining the trust of peaceful citizens.

As a result, everyone’s love quickly turns into suspicion and even hatred and Spider-Man finds himself to be a sort of an outcast. The newspapers mar his image and nobody applauds when he appears swinging on his cobweb over the city streets – instead, people run away in fear. Can our character fix it? With your help – definitely!

Playing as Spider-Man, you have to figure out who is behind this setup, get your costume back and save your own reputation. That won’t be easy because the map is strewn with all kinds of obstacles and traps. Even with your superpowers, you will find it challenging to avoid all of them. Some fragments of the locations will be particularly difficult to pass and it may take you several attempts. Just don’t give up and keep trying – Spider-Man is counting on your guidance and assistance!

And he won’t be alone – other superheroes will be helping him as well. The action will unfold in the crime-driven world of GTA. On your way, you will have to defeat a lot of villains who will try to stop you and take part in spectacular pursuits and shootouts. Play Spiderman GTA online and remember – even if you are in a hurry, you can always find a spare second to save someone’s life on these dangerous streets!

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