Ultimate Spider Man


The younger generation may know Spider-Man as a movie hero. But old-school geeks still remember who he was initially – a comics character. And Ultimate Spider-Man once again reminds us of that! Despite a good share of action, the game is designed with a tangible taste of an interactive graphic novel. The local screen savers are beyond praise. The screen is regularly divided into two or even three parts. At while there is a comic animation running in one window, 3D is already spinning in the other. Even cell-shading graphics, unfashionable for a couple of years, looks quite to the point!

Considering that absolutely all the characters were re-imagined and designed by the authors of the original universe, Ultimate Spider-Man can be safely named the best comic book game of the last five years. Technology and art work as perfectly matched parts of a single mechanism here. It’s like a comics book that comes alive before your eyes!

The game mechanics evokes strictly positive emotions as well. Peter Parker can swing on the web, crawl the walls and fall with impunity from the Empire State Building. Moreover, Ultimate Spider-Man especially successfully manages to convey a sense of height. When you jump from the roof of a skyscraper, it becomes naturally uncomfortable. All jokes aside: the head is periodically dizzy, and the stomach gets compressed – just like when taking off and landing on an airplane.

It’s just as atmospheric in terms of fighting. Peter Parker has learned to do amazing combos. The mechanics are extremely simple: you can attack, launch a web, and jump. But these three components make up such vigorous and ferocious fights that you expect each battle like a celebration! Spider-Man learned to bounce off the wall, quickly envelop enemies with a web and pull them to himself and throw wrapped bodies on the nearest lamp post. These are only a few examples – it’s better to learn all the tricks on your own. Ultimate Spider-Man has a lot of other surprises in store for you!

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